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Lenovo 65W 4X20M26272 01FR026 USB-C Adapter

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Part number: 01FR026

Product Condition: New

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Genuine Lenovo 01FR026 charger is the 65W version also known as the fast charging port of USB type C, this is an original 01FR026 ac adapter.


Genuine Lenovo 01FR026 charger USB-C specification:
Warranty: 12 month
Connector tip: USB-C (Type C)
Ac adapter Power: 65W
Power input: 100-240v
Lenovo part number: 01FR026
Compatible part numbers: 4X20M26272, 4X20M26268, 01FR024, 01FR025, 01FR026, 01FR030, 02DL124, 

02DL126, 02DL128, 02DL155, ADLX65YCC3A, ADLX65YCC3D, ADLX65YDC3A, ADLX65YLC3A, 

ADLX65YLC3D, ADLX65YDC3D, ADLX65YSDC3A, ADLX65YSCC3A, 01FR030, SA10M13945, SA10M13950, 

SA10R16872, SA10R16874, SA10R16897, SA10R16901 and many more.


Power output ranges:
20V 3.25A
15V 3A
9V 2A
5V 2A

Contents: Genuine Lenovo 01FR026 65W USB-C laptop charger.

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