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Sun 541-0239 541-0216 2.5 SPUD SAS Tray Bracket Blade X8440 Fire V445 X4600M2

Sun 541-0239 2.5-inch SAS Disk Drive Mounting Bracket / Tray/ Caddy.

-- Mounting Screws are Included --

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Compatible with Part Number: 341-0586-01/02, 341-0586, 541-0239, 541-3004


Compatible with the following servers:

Sun Blade T6300

Sun Blade X6220, X6240, X6250, X8400, X8420, X8440

Sun Fire T1000, T2000Sun Fire V215, V245, V445

Sun Fire X4100, X4100 M2, X4100

Sun Fire X4200, X4200 M2, X4200

Sun Fire X4600 M2, X4600, X4640

SPARC Enterprise M4000, M5000, M8000, M9000

SPARC Enterprise T2000, T5440


Telco Systems

Netra 210Netra T2000, T5220, T5440

Netra X4200 M2, X4250, X4270, X4450

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